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Crestron Flex Kits For Zoom Rooms: Available Today!

Crestron Flex Kits for Zoom Rooms: Available today!

Buzzfire has Crestron based Zoom Room Kits!  Are you installing Zoom within your organization?  Buzzfire is an authorized Crestron dealer.  With our Crestron Flex Kits, they come with pre-installed Zoom Rooms software and include all the components you need for a variety of Zoom Rooms environments. To simplify deployments, the new Flex Kits include options like a smart soundbar that consolidates a camera, speaker, and microphone into a single device, or the Mercury speakerphone with a built-in, native Zoom Rooms Controller.

All of our Crestron Flex Zoom Room Kits include HDMI capture and a Windows IoT computer along with a Crestron touch screen controller to combine industry-leading user experience with an enterprise-grade room controller. Crestron Flex Kits works natively with Crestron’s award-winning XiO cloud provisioning, monitoring, and management platform for zero-touch management and business analytics.  Check out Crestron for Zoom Rooms.

With our Crestron Flex Kits for Zoom Rooms, you can purchase them with or without installation and support services.  For more information call Buzzfire today at 877-289-9347 or email

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