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The Future Of Working Is Anywhere Working

The Future of Working is Anywhere Working

Most business leaders will agree that developments in technology have fundamentally changed both the way we do business and the way we work.  So much so that the ‘future of work’ is no longer a conversation topic just for the collaboration technology industry.  In fact, the technological innovations of the past decade have powered a digital transformation that all industries are now facing up to. ‘Innovate or die’ has never felt more real.

Our latest global consumer survey reveals a world moving from digital transformation of work, to the digital consolidation of work culture.  Currently, 62% of the 25,234 people we surveyed across 12 countries said they take advantage of anywhere working practices. It is now completely normal to see rows of people working in a coffee shop with their headphones in and a steaming cup next to them.  The same is true of hearing fellow train passengers discuss their next big presentation with colleagues on a video call, and seeing airport lounges dotted with iPad users cramming in a
few more minutes work before they have to switch to flight-safe mode.

It wouldn’t be possible to work anywhere without ready adoption of new technologies that open the door to better ways of collaborating. Technology has made it possible for teams of two, twelve, or even twenty to brainstorm in the round in huddle rooms within an office building, or in a virtual face-to-face setting. What matters is they can always do it from the comfort of their preferred rather than assigned workspace.  International teams benefit significantly from this new era of remote-working – a flexible approach allows people to do business face to face whilst defying distance (if not quite time zones), so teams can be more productive and efficient than ever.

But if it’s accepted that anywhere working has significant benefits to businesses and employees alike, how can businesses overcome the obstacles blocking their own development of an anywhere working culture? There are a number of perceived challenges that come with defining a fair, productive anywhere working environment; and this article and survey insights can go some way to help businesses and managers get the best out of their team.

As more businesses deploy new technologies that enable them to foster an anywhere working culture, it is crucial that nuances are understood and addressed effectively. Our goal is to help businesses create and nurture a truly anywhere working global culture, no matter where, how and with whom they work.

Working anywhere, anytime.

According to “A Guide to Anywhere Working,” a recent survey of more than 25,234 workers conducted by Morar Consulting and commissioned by Polycom, anywhere working is becoming a need rather than a nice to have all for businesses. Collaboration technology, and video conferencing in particular, has become key to developing face to face relationships with co-workers around the globe and it allows multi-cultural teams to better understand each other and work together.

The survey shows that anywhere working is becoming the basis for truly digitally-transformed businesses – and more significantly, the basis for global success. Firms that wish to attract and retain the best talent must adapt to the ever-changing needs of a diverse workforce. The technology that makes this new way of working efficient plays a key role in boosting productivity and teamwork. In particular, video conferencing emerges as an essential tool that enables real-time, effective communication across borders and time zones.

• 62% of the 25,234 people we surveyed across 12 countries take advantage of anywhere working practices

• 61% of those surveyed believe that having the right technology would solve any issues remote workers may face, with examples including collaboration technologies and mobile technologies

• Video conferencing is the preferred collaboration tool for getting to know colleagues in other offices; 92% of respondents across the globe believe video makes building these relationships easier

• 89% of global employees say they use collaboration technologies, and 85% say they use them at least once a week

This article is designed to provide guidance on how to better serve key groups of people with reference their lifestyle, drivers and needs, based on the global survey outcomes.


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