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Web based Video Conferencing

There are so many choices today for video conferencing.  With so many choices it is not easy to pick the best solution for your company.  Buzzfire has been selling video conferencing solutions for over 13 years.  We have the experience to help you make the right choice for today and into the future!

AV Room Systems

Audiovisual room technology is very complex, but that does not mean it is hard to use!  Buzzfire strives for a two button press for room control.  If your standard meeting in a conference room takes five or minutes to start, call Buzzfire for an overview of our cost effective and easy to use room systems.

Digital Communications

Are you trying to provide your clients with updated information on your products and services?  How about letting your employees know about company events or changes in policies?  The TVs or displays in your lobby and conference rooms can provide information to increase revenue and employee loyalty.  Ask Buzzfire about our Digital Communication platforms.

Collaborative Touch Displays

Buzzfire’s technology analysts predict that touch enabled displays or TVs will be in over 70% of the conference rooms by 2020.  If you are upgrading your conference rooms, why not make a future proof investment and be a front runner meeting collaboration. Buzzfire can help you enhance product development, idea generation, and project management!

Who is Buzzfire?

Buzzfire is a leader in Video Conferencing, Audiovisual Room Systems, Collaborative Touch Technology, and Digital Communications. With over 13 years of experience in the AV industry, Buzzfire is a market leader in delivering easy to use conference room systems. With a focus on easy to use room technology, and investment in Buzzfire’s solutions will provide a rapid Return on Investment!

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